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Hartman Executive Advisors help business executives develop, plan and execute successful business and IT strategies and initiatives.

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Strategic Business & IT Consulting

We work with clients to assess their current IT ecosystem, needs and challenges in order to provide tailored recommendations and practical guidance from seasoned, C-level IT leaders to optimize business performance and prepare for future growth.

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Free eBook: CEOs and Technology

What's New And What Needs To Change
This eBook covers several areas that CEOs need to consider around technology, including:
  • The key technology topics CEOs need to be aware of
  • Questions CEOs should be asking to understand technology decisions better
  • The CEO’s role in digital transformation
  • How the CEO and CIO can work best together for long-term success

Industries We Support

From banks and universities to healthcare organizations and nonprofits, our advisors' expertise spans a wide range of industries. Click on an industry below to learn about the specific services we provide.

Expect More From Your IT

In a national survey, we found that while 97% of executives depend on technology for organizational success, just 17% have a strategic IT leader within their organization.

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Case study graphic chart

Hartman is where technology gets down to business

Business and technology are intertwined as never before, and today’s executives are required to make decisions about technology that impact their top and bottom lines.

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