PRESS RELEASE: 97 percent of middle market executives cite dependence on technology for business success, yet 83 percent indicate a deficit in strategic IT leadership

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Hartman Executive Technology Survey© uncovers absence of technology leadership in nearly one-third of private sector GDP

TIMONIUM, Md., Sept. 16, 2015 – Despite the fact that 97 percent of middle market executives depend on technology for organizational success, 83 percent admit to either not having an IT leader in place or not having an IT leader who is focused on strategy, according to a first-ever national survey of senior management executives commissioned by Hartman Executive Advisors. The 2015 Hartman Executive Technology survey sheds light on the widespread strategic IT leadership deficit in the middle market, which represents more than $10 trillion in annual revenue and nearly 33 percent of private sector GDP1 in the U.S.

“Executives in the middle market can no longer view IT simply as a support function. IT leadership fuels fiscal growth by informing business planning and driving innovation,” commented Dave Hartman, president and co-founder of Hartman Executive Advisors. The survey highlights financial issues as the top challenge facing middle market executives, and 94 percent of executives state that technology should play a role in addressing that top challenge. “While this survey sought to understand middle market perceptions of technology, the findings clearly indicate the vital role technology needs to play in addressing core business and financial issues,” explained Hartman.

Executives want IT to lead

According to the Hartman Executive Technology Survey, three-quarters of senior executives (75 percent) feel that IT leaders should be more involved in the organization’s strategic business discussions, but only 17 percent indicate that their senior IT leader is a member of the executive leadership team that already contributes to these decisions. Furthering this concern, only eight percent of senior executives feel they are experts in making technology strategy decisions, while 29 percent admit to either needing assistance or having zero confidence in this area.

“It’s time for IT leaders to get out of the server room and into the executive conference room,” Hartman continued. “The IT leadership deficit will only continue to undermine middle market organizations’ ability to achieve greater financial returns unless IT is elevated to the strategic level. Simply put, executive IT dependency combined with the massive IT leadership deficiency mandates a strategic intervention.”

1 National Center for the Middle Market, 2Q 2015 Middle Market Indicator


The Hartman Executive Technology survey was conducted by The Research Group, a third-party market research organization, among senior management executives at organizations with annual revenues between $20 million and $250 million in the following industries: retail, manufacturing, distribution, nonprofits/associations, professional services, healthcare, education, construction, real estate and banking. The survey was conducted online between April and July 2015. For more information, visit this link.

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