Barriers to innovation: Is your IT department holding back?

stone barrier, barriers to innovation

Innovation. It’s more than just new ideas; it’s having the structure and freedom to build them out, and the willingness to risk that putting them into action will bring meaningful, positive change to the company, its customers and the industry. So, would you call your IT department innovative?

If not, do you know what’s holding them back? It could be one, or both, of two significant issues:

1) Time. The CIO Executive Council found that time devoted to day-to-day tasks is the most significant impediment IT departments face when trying to innovate. Whether this is surprising to you or not, the fact is that 63 percent of IT leaders are up against this challenge.

Time is a precious commodity, and we know from experience that many IT departments spend it on tasks that can be easily outsourced or approached differently to free up time for innovative thinking.

2) Culture of Innovation. Are your IT leaders encouraged to look outside their department for new and better ways to grow profitability? Does leadership reward out-of-the-box thinking? Are IT and the business on the same page with respect to the need and desire for innovation? These are hallmarks of an innovative culture. Getting to this point won’t happen overnight, but it will make a significant difference in how IT is viewed within your organization, and can have an impact on your top and bottom line.

Are you ready to energize your IT team and promote a culture of innovation? If so, please contact me directly so we can discuss the best approach for your organization.

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