Benefits of Telehealth Consulting Services


A healthcare provider consulting remotely using Telehealth consulting softwareTelehealth software makes it easy for healthcare providers to connect with their patients in a safe and efficient way. Telehealth leverages electronic technologies and smart devices to deliver an alternative source of treatment to in-person visits. However, not all telehealth platforms offer the same level of functionality and features. Professional telehealth consulting services can help business leaders and executives make informed decisions about the best software to select and ensure they have a strategy to integrate and optimize the system. A telehealth consultant will assess the organization’s current telehealth services and identify opportunities for improvement.

Top Benefits Of Telehealth Consulting Services

The demand for telehealth services continues to grow every day as more providers rely on these technologies to expand access to essential health care services. Healthcare providers that integrate telehealth services into their business model achieve a wide range of benefits, including improved patient engagement, reduced costs, an increase in new patients, and a decline in non-urgent patient visits. A telehealth consultant can help establish a sustainable virtual care platform that makes it quick and simple to diagnose, treat, and manage medical conditions while the patient remains at home. Here is a closer look at some of the top benefits of engaging a telehealth consultant.

Assistance With Choosing Telehealth Technologies

Close-up view on conceptual keyboard that has Telehealth consulting keyTelehealth software is an investment that should be carefully researched before making a decision. It’s important to compare different platforms to determine which software best suits your overall needs and budget. When determining which software to choose, an independent telehealth consultant will consider your business goals and environment to ensure that you choose a system that aligns with your short and long-term strategy. As you evaluate options, a consultant will often arrange a demonstration of the technology to give the business a chance to evaluate the interface and determine if the functionalities enable efficient workflow. At Hartman Executive Advisors, we use specific criteria to rank the systems and help clients make a sound decision based on facts rather than emotion or ‘bells and whistles’.

Helping Implement Telehealth Services

Successful telehealth software implementation is the key to success. Following the selection of the software, independent telehealth consulting services are designed to hold the vendor accountable and ensure the system is implemented, integrated, and adopted. There will be complications and under-utilization if there are shortcomings in any one of these areas, ultimately impacting ROI and performance. A telehealth consultant can also ensure that the business implements the software in a way that protects patient privacy and complies with HIPAA regulations.

Navigating Bandwidth Requirements

Telehealth services often encompass a variety of modern technologies, such as streaming video and audio which allows healthcare providers and patients to see and speak with one another live. These technologies require both parties to have a strong internet connection to prevent video and audio delays.

Different bandwidth speed capabilities have a direct impact on a business’s operations. For example, 4 Mbps support basic functions like email, web browsing, and remote monitoring. However, 25 Mbps is needed to support more complex operations, such as HD video consultations and real-time image transfers.

A telehealth consultant can help ensure that the business has adequate bandwidth for running telehealth software successfully. Quality video streaming and voice connection generally require a minimum internet speed of 15Mbps download and 5Mbps upload.

Remaining Compliant With State And Federal Regulations

Conceptual image for Telehealth consultingBusinesses are required to provide certain documentation to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services before offering telehealth services to patients. Documentation requirements generally include licensure, prescribing, malpractice, and HIPAA security.

A business must remain compliant with all state and federal regulations for the safety and privacy of patients. Telehealth consulting services aim to meet strict HIPAA requirements for telehealth by ensuring that only authorized users have access to electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) and that all ePHI monitoring systems are implemented correctly to prevent data breaches.

Reach Out To An Experienced Telehealth Consulting Firm

Telehealth consulting services are designed to make the entire process swift and effective by guiding businesses in the right direction when choosing and implementing new platforms. When the right software is selected and implemented, businesses can enjoy long-term savings and the ability to help more patients without as much health risk. Schedule a consultation with the experts at Hartman Executive Advisors to learn more about the benefits of telehealth consulting services and how they could help your organization.


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