Business First: 4 Big Questions to Ask Before All Else


If your company has been using the same technology for years, it’s probably showing its age by now. You can’t get the reports you need. Your people complain frequently about the “system” being down or too slow. We hear these pains and more from CEOs time and time again.

The replacement of a legacy enterprise business system is a major undertaking, to say the least, and the temptation is there to defer the work, and doing whatever it takes to “make the old systems work.” But you and your organization are past that. Your business has changed, and you know that your current solution hasn’t kept pace. You have come to the realization that it’s time to transform your business so that you can grow and remain competitive.

But where do you begin?

The first step is to reexamine your business strategy. Before you think about replacing a tool, ask yourself the 4 big questions:

  1. Where are you taking your business?
  2. How are you going to grow?
  3. What are your key opportunities for improving efficiencies and customer satisfaction?
  4. What are the risks?

We use this approach for one reason: because it works. When you have a complete understanding of the issues, you and your team are ready to zero in on solutions. Things like workflow, information hand-offs, reporting and customer impact are critical areas of focus, but without the context of the answers to the ‘Big Questions,’ it’s too easy for software demos and tradeshow brochures to distract you from the bigger-picture business goals.

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