C3 SummIT

The Essential Peer Advisory Group for IT Leaders

Hartman Executive Advisors’ C3 SummIT is a free monthly roundtable dedicated to helping IT leaders increase their executive presence and become strategists and change agents for their organizations and their industries.

The C3 SummIT was founded in 2005 as the Maryland CIO Roundtable based on the concept that IT leaders of mid-sized companies often work in a vacuum with few resources to turn to for advice and idea sharing. The roundtable, which was rebranded as the C3 SummIT in 2023, serves as a peer advisory forum where IT leaders from non-competing companies get and give actionable, no-holds-barred insight. Members openly discuss their unique challenges, seek feedback, and trade solutions with their peers.

Meetings are held virtually for our members’ convenience. Once a year, members gather for a fun-filled, in-person event, such as a fishing charter or golf tournament, to celebrate our mutual successes and foster even stronger connections.
Get actionable feedback on your latest IT challenges
Elevate your strategic thinking and leadership skills
Build your network of IT peers and leaders

Recent Monthly Meeting Topics

Each month’s discussion centers around technology integration and the role of IT in the larger business context.
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