Can your IT investment pay for itself? It did in this case.

chesapeake bay foundation photoFor many years, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation was stuck in reactionary mode when it came to technology and lacked a plan to support the growing nonprofit’s desire to reduce operating costs and position themselves for future scalability. Failing systems, frequent outages, downtime and insufficient data storage space caused daily frustration and prevented the organization from effectively engaging with members.

In the absence IT leadership, Hartman worked alongside management to conduct a strategic IT assessment and develop a strategy to stabilize technology processes and support business goals. Hartman’s executive advisory team managed and mentored IT staff to help them work through challenges, develop project management skills, and create strategic, innovative department standards to further the mission and reduce unnecessary business expenses.

Working together, Hartman and Chesapeake Bay Foundation right-sized and reengineered a new, smaller infrastructure that contributed to higher reliability, increased capabilities and storage, reduced IT support costs and decreased data loss. Hartman also helped obtain a $125,000 grant to completely cover the cost of the infrastructure update. New technology purchased with the grant money resulted in a 60 percent decrease in energy costs annually for this environmentally conscious organization.

The accuracy of donor response data quickly increased, and the efficiency gained freed up staff to focus on other strategic initiatives to drive the nonprofit forward for optimal success.

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