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Beyond Metrics: Comprehensive ESG Consulting for the Tech-Driven Era

The integration of technology and a growing emphasis on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors are significantly transforming the commercial real estate landscape. With digital tools making real estate functions more efficient, there’s a parallel movement towards responsible and sustainable practices. This movement embraces a comprehensive success model that equally values profitability and sustainability. According

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The Power of Tech: A New Era of Growth for Nonprofits in the Digital Age

Smart technology is redefining the operations model at nonprofit organizations. From enhancing communication to boosting engagement and transforming fundraising, smart tech offers new pathways for growth. This shift became particularly noticeable during the pandemic, forcing many organizations to adapt in order to survive in the new environment. However, limited budgets and a lack of technology

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Why State and Local Governments Can’t Ignore Data Governance

While the private sector has been swift in harnessing the power of data, public sector entities have been slow in comparison. Several reasons for this include legacy infrastructure, bureaucratic red tape, and a significant gap in skills. As a result, many local and state governments lack clear data governance, seeing it as a non-essential part

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How Digital Transformation Can Grow and Evolve Your Association

Global spending on digital transformation is projected to double between 2022 and 2026, reaching a projected $3.4 trillion in 2026. Digital transformation is a common buzzword and priority for many organizations, but others are unclear on what it means or the impact it can have on their organization. Digital transformation refers to the integration of

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Clinical Informatics: Changing the Healthcare Landscape

Clinical informatics involves the use of information technology (IT) and data science to support the effective management and utilization of health information and medical data. It also promotes the insights necessary to support clinical decision-making, patient management and overall enhanced healthcare delivery. This leads to improved healthcare outcomes and better patient care. Like all technological

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6 Priorities to Future-Proof your Community Bank

Transformative Chief Information Officers (CIOs) steer their institutions through challenging times by aligning innovation with customer-centricity. Since the banking industry has changed more in the last five years than in the previous two decades, it is no longer just enough to keep banks buoyant. Successful CIOs need to drive transformational change and ensure technology is

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What is a Data Strategy and Why Does Every Nonprofit Need One?

Nonprofit leaders depend on information to make strategic and tactical decisions about how to run, grow and transform their organizations. Whether it is effective fundraising, strong public relations or advocacy, efficient operations, or designing new programs, allocating scarce resources to the opportunities that are most impactful to the business strategy is a key part of

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The Pace of Digital Transformation is Accelerating

Bill Lenihan was was interviewed for an article, The Pace of Digital Transformation is Accelerating, published by The article highlights that the rate companies are adopting the goal of digital transformation has dramatically increased and why that may be. “Data is the key to digital transformation, and we’re in the midst of a data

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