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Podcast recommendations for long summer road trips

We are big fans of podcasts here at Hartman, mainly because they help us learn about new topics while being entertained at the same time. Our advisors recommended a few of their favorite podcasts earlier this year, and we’ve added a few new suggestions to the list (below). Whether you’re planning a long summer road Continue Reading

More business book recommendations to add to your summer reading list

Earlier this year, our advisors shared a few of their business book recommendations that are applicable across all industries. Just in time for summer reading, we’ve asked our team for more of their favorites that they recommend you add to your must-read list. I believe anyone aspiring to become an effective leader, as well as Continue Reading

Listen up! These are the podcasts we think you should hear in 2017

business podcasts

Everyone is busy these days, multitasking and trying to accomplish more in less time. Yet, there are pockets of time throughout our days – whether we’re commuting, working out or cooking dinner – where it’s possibly to quickly squeeze in a bit of knowledge. The best way we’ve found to do that is through listening Continue Reading

The business books you need to read in 2017

recommended business books

Ask a group of successful business executives how they got to where they are, and you’ll get a variety of responses with one common thread: to be successful, you must engage in continuous learning. At Hartman, our team members find reading to be one of the best ways to learn. Below are a few of our Continue Reading

What do employees want the most? Modern technology that lets them excel in their work.

business gadgets

Today’s employees have grown impatient with slow and outdated technology in their workplaces. They’ve reached a tipping point, where they expect to have the same level of technology at work that they use in their lives outside the office, like fast internet and top-of-the-line desktop and mobile devices that can help them multitask, work remotely Continue Reading

Is the Value of a CIO Diminishing?


Recent editorials have suggested that the CIO role was trending toward being eliminated or pushed down in the corporate organization, no longer worthy of a C-level position. Longtime IT management professionals are obviously troubled by this notion, as a good CIO can be as impactful to an organization as any position. However, any CIO interested Continue Reading

Budgeting and Planning: The Benefits of Calculating ROI


One might think that calculating return on investment would be a common tool for businesses to use to make capital investment decisions. Who could make an intellectual argument against determining an estimated level of payback on an investment? Yet, businesses of all sizes and industries spend little effort determining any kind of ROI or Payback Continue Reading