Education IT Strategy

Connecting with today’s hyper-connected students requires forward-thinking IT strategy

Education Technology Strategy

Today’s students are always plugged in and expect the latest technologies to enrich their educational experience. Leaders in education know that digital tools and capabilities are critical to students’ success, but are often uncertain how to invest IT dollars for maximum results.

Hartman’s team of approachable, outsourced CIOs work alongside your institution’s leadership to evolve your IT into a center for innovation, and provide help to:

  • Drive strategic planning to expand online and hybrid offerings
  • Assess and optimizing existing infrastructure and applications
  • Mentor and coach IT staff to align skills with organizational goals
  • Create a vendor management outsourcing approach, including selecting and implementing collaboration tools and learning platforms
  • Leverage cloud adoption and mobile technology usage to increase operational efficiency


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Dave Hartman

Dave Hartman

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Education Case Study

Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Can your IT investment pay for itself? It did in this case.
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Cyber Strategy & Team Development

Great results require a great team and a plan to mitigate risk. Hartman’s IT talent and professional development experts understand what it takes to build and mentor IT staff, as well as to identify and select the right players to achieve long-term results – and they’ll work alongside you to do just that.

From the registrar’s office to the on-campus health center, educational institutions are responsible for protecting sensitive information. Hartman’s outsourced IT consultants work alongside you to proactively address data and cybersecurity for student, faculty, regulatory and board concerns – and set your institution up for success in security and beyond.

Why Choose Hartman

Expect more from your IT

Today’s leaders rely on technology more than ever, and Hartman clients can count on technology to drive real business outcomes. Hartman outsourced CIOs provide executives with deep bench strength to resolve the underlying IT challenges that get in the way of growing your organization. We conduct an IT assessment to first understand the current state of technology in your organization, and then work alongside you to leverage technology as a key strategic resource.

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