The Hartman Executive Technology Survey®

Results Show IT Strategy Deficit is Widespread

The Hartman Executive Technology Survey® polled middle-market executives nationwide to understand the impact that technology dependence has on their organizations’ ability to achieve successful business outcomes.
The results underscore what we know from our clients—and the fundamental beliefs upon which we are founded: Executives are dependent on technology for organizational success, but the overwhelming majority lack an IT leader who is focused on strategy.
If you’re an executive who is struggling with an IT strategy deficit, you don’t have to go it alone anymore. Hartman Executive Advisors was created to give you the technology leadership support you need to stay on the frontlines of success. Contact us today to see how we can help.

Key Survey Findings

Based on a nationwide survey of middle-market executives across all industries.

"97 percent of middle market executives are dependent on technology for business success,

but 83 percent lack strategic IT leadership in their organizations"

The Hartman Executive Technology Survey© Methodology

The 2015 Hartman Executive Technology Survey© was conducted by The Research Group, a third-party market research organization, between April 27 and July 31, 2015. Respondents were senior management executives at organizations with annual revenues between $20 and $250 million in the following industries: retail, manufacturing, distribution, nonprofits/associations, professional services, healthcare, education, construction, real estate, and banking. The national survey yielded responses from 52 senior management executives who lead middle market organizations. The Research Group cites a 90 percent confidence level of accuracy had we interviewed all executives in this segment (+/- 10 percent margin of error).
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