When you’re a Hartman client, you get to know Cindy pretty well. Our resident connector, she is a true professional who knows how to get things done and makes sure everything runs smoothly – from one-on-one meetings to major events. Cindy is dedicated to helping our leaders and our entire team meet new people, maintain relationships and get involved in the various industries that Hartman supports.

“I’m focused on providing the support our executives need to do their job, which is showcasing our ability to make positive change happen through strategic technology.”

–Cindy Atkinson

Cindy is very familiar with the inner-workings of small businesses. She joined the team after 25 years in client-facing sales and support roles in the printing and marketing industries, including 14 years as a business owner. At Hartman, she thinks ahead of every situation, anticipates future needs and prepares accordingly, making her an invaluable asset to the entire company.

Cindy is also committed to the Hartman spirit of giving back. She’s president on the board of Starboard Society, a nonprofit she co-founded that provides support for families dealing with unforeseen events. In 2011, Cindy and a friend learned that someone they knew was going through an extremely difficult time. They decided they would each try to get 10 friends to donate $10 to help. And from there, the Starboard Society was born. She is also active in her church and with the Boy Scouts of America.

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