Deepak understands how important it is for organizations to have a well thought out, strategic approach to technology, especially in an ever-changing, competitive landscape. As a system level thinker, he always looks to optimize the overall system rather than solving single issues with a siloed approach.

“Thanks to Amazon, Apple and Google, customers now expect all companies to deliver products and services quickly, with superior user experience. To win in a fast changing landscape, every company has to make best use of technology to create a competitive advantage and a wider moat.”

– Deepak Jayanna

At Hartman, Deepak works closely with executives to align IT initiatives with business strategy, draw insights from data, and maintain scalable, robust software applications – all while challenging them to defy the status quo. He previously led efforts to customize mission planning software for satellites co-managed by NASA and the United States Geological Survey with Orbit Logic. He also spent eight years as a master software engineer for Genesys where he designed and led development of sensitivity analysis, email prediction and forecasting features for their Decisions product.

Deepak never stops learning, whether he’s reading the latest business and technology books and blogs or catching up with his favorite podcasts. He spends his free time with his family and also enjoys following cricket.

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