Throughout his career, Eric has worked with hundreds of businesses and nonprofit organizations to help them achieve their objectives by designing and executing holistic strategies. He routinely goes beyond examining surface issues to understand the interrelated functions and activities within the organization. With this knowledge, Eric develops creative approaches to address current challenges and prepare an organization for moving forward.

“In the not-for-profit world, proving efficacy is a differentiator in helping organizations best achieve their missions. A comprehensive strategy must include technology in order to respond to the increasing demand to measure outcomes and determine impact.”

–Eric C. Waskiewicz

As organizations continue to rely on technology to drive innovation, foster growth, and stay competitive, Eric helps his clients to improve their use of technology to better control and monitor overall efficiency and effectiveness. With a background in technology strategy, process improvement, and human resources, Eric helps his clients design a future that includes the integration of people, process and technology. Eric truly understands the business owner perspective, having founded a tour operations company, a business management consulting practice, and a nonprofit organization.

Eric remains focused on nonprofit work outside of the office. He and his wife are passionate about helping their community, and volunteer with nonprofit organizations dedicated to animal welfare, children, and the elderly. They also enjoy spending time at the beach with their rescued Black Labrador Retriever. Fun fact: Eric has seen over 500 bands and musicians in concert. His favorite performance of all time was Stevie Wonder.

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