Frank never loses sight of the fact that the associations and nonprofits he supports typically need to fulfill their missions on extremely tight budgets. Often, they are running on outdated technology, fearful of the costs to upgrade, and unaware how simple changes can improve productivity and better meet the needs of their constituents.

His passion for his work matches the passion his clients bring to theirs, and he relishes the chance to maximize their return on investment by using technology to meet their mission. In the beginning of an engagement, Frank works quickly to address current pains. As the relationship evolves, he collaborates with his clients to find new, innovative solutions to transform their IT operations for better business results.

“Technology is a key enabler. I love showing organizations how software as a service (SaaS) can reduce their spend, make them more productive and allow them to better engage their members and donors.”

-Frank Schneider

Other than one summer in college working in an ice factory and another trimming Christmas trees, Frank has spent his entire career in IT. Before joining Hartman, Frank led improvements to Personify’s association management software, which drove the software to the industry’s number-one ranking in customer satisfaction. He also launched the technology platform used to host benchmarking activities for the Corporate Executive Board’s members, led the product strategy for the online auction product for Neogrid, a B2B exchange of over 70 international retailers, and was part of the management team of two successful technology start-ups.

In his downtime, Frank enjoys learning about history and traveling. He also can’t help but continue to root for the “perpetually pathetic” Buffalo, New York professional sports teams.

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