John helps his clients see technology as a means to drive, grow and scale their business operations. With more than two decades experience implementing strategic IT initiatives to improve business functionality, his goal is to provide executives with the tools and support needed to leverage technology to achieve new levels of success.

“Business leaders can no longer afford to treat technology as an afterthought; it must be incorporated into every initiative from the start and considered as part of the comprehensive business strategy.”

–John Staff

Prior to joining Hartman, John held both IT management and support roles for companies of all sizes, where he was known for his ability to develop and lead strong teams. In one example, his team developed a reputation for repeatedly surpassing customer expectations, and served as an inspiration to others in the organization to uphold the ideals of excellent customer service. John’s background also includes planning, designing and implementing solutions for data access and storage, email, replication and disaster recovery.

When he’s off the clock, John devotes much of his time to his five kids, mentoring them and spending time outside together. He also enjoys hiking, biking, tennis, and playing darts with the Washington Area Darts Association.

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