With his entire career focused on the intersection of technology and business, Kevin takes great pride in helping executives understand the business value IT can bring to their organizations. As a trusted advisor, he learns as much as he can about the companies he supports and uses that knowledge to build strong working relationships, lead highly-effective teams and integrate solutions on time and under budget.

“I help organizations bridge the gap between business and IT, creating effective communication paths and mutual understanding.”

-Kevin Sandbek

Kevin has worked for a variety of public and private companies, including Procter & Gamble, Zurich Insurance and IBM Global Services, where he built infrastructure platforms that met current needs but could scale for the future. He’s led teams through critical business projects and implementations, including stepping in as head of IT at a critical point of a new client relationship. Kevin and his team took over seamlessly, developing and implementing the required solutions in time for the client’s go-live.

Kevin steps out of his technical role completely when he’s with his family, taking advantage of their time together to get close to nature. You’ll find them camping, raising chickens, chopping firewood, cooking and going on outdoor adventures. He’s very active in his local church community as well as his wider faith community, providing radio program voice-over services to a charity-based Christian radio program that broadcasts across two continents.

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