Highly detailed and extremely accurate, Mindy has a talent for reconciling differences. Missing a dollar or two? She’ll find it. Focused on our numbers and line items, it’s Mindy’s responsibility to be sure we track and report our daily, monthly and yearly numbers appropriately. She collects these numbers, analyzes them and keeps our team up-to-date on our financial accounting and reporting. She also performs all financial record keeping and reporting, and does it all while ensuring we remain compliant with the accounting requirements of multiple states. Mindy thrives in her job because she’s always looking for ways to improve our financial processes.

“I love the mutual respect that everyone at Hartman has for each other. Working well together is what makes us so good at what we do, which flows into how we work with our clients for their long-term success.”

–Mindy Halliday

In addition to managing the Hartman numbers, Mindy also handles employee benefits, payroll deductions and federal compliance. She works with the team during open enrollment periods to provide guidance on insurance changes, HSA contributions and 401K deductions. It’s difficult work, but she makes it look easy.

Prior to joining Hartman, Mindy honed her financial and personnel management skills as a business administrator with a physical security company. In her “past life,” she was an elementary school teacher in Baltimore and Montgomery Counties.

Spending time with her children has always been Mindy’s top priority. She beams with pride when sharing their successes and is the biggest supporter of their goals. When the house is quiet, however, you’ll often find Mindy curled up with a good book, planning her next vacation, or getting creative with her latest scrapbook or sewing project.

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