Driven by results, Prad helps executives understand the long-term value of a comprehensive technology strategy that is aligned with their overall business goals. Working alongside his clients in a collaborative role, Prad encourages business leaders to think about their desired outcomes and metrics that will indicate success before jumping to any preconceived solutions. From there, he helps design and implement processes and procedures that will lead the organization to achieve their goals.

“Technology is a tool used to accelerate business strategy. However, if business strategy is lacking, then technology can floor the gas. Fortunately, the opposite is also true.”

— Prad Mohanty

Prad is able to connect so well with his clients because he knows what it’s like to be in their shoes. Sensing a demand for innovation in the marketplace, Prad launched a global smart metering company from the ground up, growing the organization to over 100 employees and serving as CEO, before selling it to maximize shareholder value. As chief information officer for Washington D.C.’s Department of Public Works, he was responsible for all agency-wide technology initiatives, including enterprise architecture, cybersecurity, cloud-based data warehousing and Enterprise Service Bus, Enterprise ERP (field service management) and the implementation of real-time executive dashboards. Prad also gained extensive business and project management experience in his prior roles as the chief technology officer of a carrier-grade telecom company and global project lead at The World Bank Group.

Prad enjoys the finer things in life; namely, sports cars and high-end home theater and audio equipment. He is also a former board observer for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Enterprise Forum of New York City.

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