Ryan helps build and further Hartman’s overall brand image, through his focus on traditional and digital media outreach. He also organizes events, manages our digital marketing strategy and creates high-value, relevant content. Plus, his deep interest in online advertising and his Google Adwords expertise helps Hartman gain more visibility on the web.

He’s outgoing and energetic, connecting and interacting with whomever he needs, inside and outside the organization, to complete a project. Before joining Hartman, Ryan held a marketing role with MBO Partners, a provider of management services for independent professionals. That experience, and others, enhanced his marketing skills and his ability to problem solve. His resourcefulness and ability to brainstorm lets him see the root cause of an issue and develop creative ways to resolve it.

No business can survive without technology, as it enables the completion of projects quickly and efficiently. By utilizing technology in the right manner, organizations can transform themselves and take their business to the next level.

-Ryan O’Donnell

When he’s not in the office, you’ll find Ryan attending concerts, exploring nature and traveling. He loves to travel and would like to have visited at least half of all US states by the time he’s 25. He’s well on his way, having already visited 19 states.

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