Behind the scenes of any strong business is someone passionate about client relations. Stacey is that person at Hartman. In her role, she creates, implements and supports purposeful, driven and intentional systems to ensure our clients experience a truly “hand held” relationship.

“At Hartman, business is personal, and our ultimate goal is to build relationships with our clients based on trust, mutual understanding, and a shared desire to improve their organization.”

– Stacey Desch

Prior to joining Hartman, Stacey built her career in Corporate Communications and Dedicated Service at Kelly & Associates Insurance Group. She notably serviced a block of business for more than 200 large group accounts and maintained relationships with brokers, clients and carriers to maximize the business partnership and retain customers. With practiced judgment and discretion, Stacey regarded all customer inquiries related to benefits, billing, enrollment and administrative procedures. Also at KELLY, Stacey created a wellness program to assist more than 500 employees in their wellness goals. She was responsible for the strategic planning, marketing and communication efforts, analytics and trends to ensure continued interest. As a result, the KELLY Wellness program grew into a continuous quarter-to-quarter offering of programing revolving around four pillars of wellness: Physical & Nutritional, Mental & Emotional, Spiritual and Financial.

Stacey lives in York, Pennsylvania with her husband and two daughters when they’re not at their beach house in Ocean City, Maryland. She is an avid music lover and enjoys attending concerts and playing guitar. She also loves to restore and refinish vintage furniture.

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