Stephanie likes to see results. More specifically, she’s keen on demonstrating ROI and growth for her clients through her expertise in healthcare business management and information technology. She’s also all about information – collecting it, sharing it and giving it real meaning and context. Stephanie always knows what’s going on in the healthcare industry and uses that knowledge to understand and plan for how new concepts, regulations and policies will affect her clients.

Armed with valuable information and nearly 20 years of experience in the field, Stephanie easily addresses underlying problems that interfere with healthcare organizations’ ability to transform into highly-effective powerhouses.

“To set my clients up for success, I focus on where they are in their business lifecycle, and how their goals stack up against changing healthcare regulations and guidelines.”

–Stephanie Brown

Stephanie is extremely calm and levelheaded, even in the most complex and stressful of business situations. This composure, combined with her significant industry experience, makes it easy for clients to trust her judgment and feel confident that they are moving forward in the right direction. She’s also highly empathetic. Stephanie understands the limitations and obstacles healthcare executives face, from implementing electronic health records successfully to working toward HIPAA compliance. She’s seen it all, and knows how to react appropriately – whether managing Medicaid and Medicare projects, software implementations or the full scope of delivery programs.

Stephanie is all about relationships – with her clients, and especially with her teenage daughter. The two can often be found playing softball or going to the theater. Stephanie also enjoys losing herself in a good book and cycling around her community.

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