Yvonne brings more than 20 years of experience and proven success in project management and coordination to the Hartman team. Organized and collaborative, she uses her skill set to strengthen Hartman’s internal business processes, as well as to streamline and continually improve upon the customer experience for our clients.

“Using technology to improve business processes is key if you want to retain clients, build strong teams, operate efficiently and, ultimately, see measurable business results.”

–Yvonne Ragland

With a career focused on client retention and engagement, Yvonne knows a few things about what works for an organization and what will yield the best results. For example, when her former employer mentioned their desire for a functional customer relationship management (CRM) system, Yvonne made it happen. She not only led the initiative to select and deploy a new system, but she focused on how the company could best use it as a capable, reliable tool to track all client interaction and marketing outreach efforts.

In her downtime, Yvonne keeps busy with her children’s competitive gymnastics schedules. When not traveling to practices and competitions, you might find Yvonne either shoe shopping or curled up with a Stephen King novel. She also enjoys event planning and finding the perfect decorations to match the affair.

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