IN THE NEWS: How technology can improve the lives of seniors in long-term care

seniors using tech

Rob Kerr, Hartman’s Healthcare Practice Lead, published an article in Provider Magazine on the benefits of modern technology for senior resident inĀ assisted living facilities.

The oldest baby boomers turned 70 in 2016. Combine this with the fact that people live longer than ever before (78.8 years on average) and are now accustomed to technology in their everyday lives and you start to paint a picture of how long-term post-acute care facilities need to adapt their IT to meet growing expectations.

Rob discusses how technology “expands a resident’s world far beyond the four walls of their community,” both for social and health purposes. He then outlines three steps that leaders can take to plan for the future and modernize their existing technology infrastructure.

Read the full article here: Innovating the Resident Experience Beyond the Four Walls (Provider Magazine, November 2016)

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