CRM Selection and Implementation for Manufacturing, Distribution, and Retail

CRM Selection and Implementation

Your customer relationship management (CRM) system can supercharge your business more than you ever imagined when you have the experienced guidance of Hartman’s CRM selection and implementation advisors. We’ll walk you step-by-step through your CRM selection and implementation, giving you the unbiased guidance you need to make the right call for your people, your processes, and your business’s bottom-line goals.
What’s more, we’ll show you how to transform your new CRM software from a simple sales team automation tool into a powerful intelligence platform. From inventory data to financial metrics, your teams will be empowered with the operational insights they need to take your sales, marketing, and customer satisfaction game to the next level.

Supercharge Your Sales with the CRM Selection and Implementation Experts

Meticulous Planning
We start with a detailed intelligence gathering process—which includes a requirements evaluation, workflow reviews, stakeholder interviews, a change readiness assessment and more—to build a CRM selection and implementation strategy that’s precisely right for your business.
Rigorous Vetting
Tailoring our approach to your distinct needs, we’ll help you strategically narrow your CRM options through our comprehensive approach which can include a high-level Request for Information (RFI) or an in-depth Request for Proposal (RFP). In either case, our team will guide you in evaluating the top contenders against your specific business requirements.
Empowered Decision-Making
Our CRM selection process consultants will manage the invitations for CRM vendor meetings and on-site demos, develop a structured ‘Demo Script’ so you can compare platforms on a common footing, and schedule product demos with other stakeholders in your organization to ensure that all concerns are addressed and sufficient buy-in is established.
Meaningful Implementation
Say goodbye to half-hearted or failed CRM implementations. Our CRM implementation team will help you navigate this critical phase to ensure your CRM implementation is properly communicated, executed, and adopted across every department for transformational success.
Accelerated Outcomes
Proven strategies that allow you to skip the learning curve and move straight into high performance.
Embedded Leadership

A trusted partner who quarterbacks your IT team as part of your team and establishes alignment and partnership within your business.

Deep Bench Strength

Full coverage support that combines C-level IT leaders from your vertical with experts across every discipline of technology.

Team Coaching & Mentoring

Tools that upgrade your internal IT talent to become strategic leaders and change agents for your organization.

Align2Achieve Methodology
A guaranteed formula for identifying what good technology looks like for your organization and using it to protect and grow your organization’s assets.
100% Unbiased Guidance
Straight-shooter advice that’s always in your organization’s best interest and never aimed at selling products or swayed by office politics.
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