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Adam Arker


Adam Arker is Hartman’s Healthcare Industry Lead. With his seemingly limitless knowledge of IT trends and the inner workings of the healthcare system in the United States and abroad, Adam helps executives see how technology can improve both the health of their patients and the health of their business.

We sat down with Adam to get his take on top priorities and opportunities for healthcare organizations in 2022.

What is the biggest opportunity facing healthcare organizations in 2022?

The biggest opportunity for healthcare organizations is to leverage aspects outside of the organization’s four walls. Between telemedicine and home health on the patient/resident side and expanding hiring beyond their geographic area for centralized positions, this allows organizations the ability to serve or employ a broader base.

How can technology drive business success in the healthcare industry in 2022?

One of the areas of great expansion is data.  The human body, and thus, the population, is filled with data sources. With technologies that support business intelligence and artificial intelligence becoming more sophisticated, clinicians will be able to care for their patients or residents more effectively according to their needs with high tech rather than high touch approaches.

What do CEOs ask you most often?

Most CEOs in healthcare are interested in how they can prioritize scarce resources.  With margins decreasing, it is more acute than ever that investments be well aligned to organizational needs rather than another “shiny toy” that may or may not add additional value or yield a successful implementation.

What are the most important strategic priorities for healthcare executives in 2022?

COVID has impacted all industries, but few would argue that the healthcare industry has seen the biggest impact. In 2022, many healthcare organizations are looking for ways to reinvent themselves from a marketing perspective as they look to rebrand their services to the public. The other significant priority is around staffing. With the minimum wage changing they aren’t just competing against other healthcare organizations; they are competing against major retailers and fast-food chains that offer competitive wages and strong benefits with less need for education and experience. Finding ways to enhance the experience of their patients/residents as well as their employees is critically important and in alignment with adoption of new technologies.

If you’re a healthcare executive, reach out today to talk to Adam more about these topics and what the future looks like for your organization. You can also learn more about Hartman’s IT leadership and consulting offerings for the healthcare industry here:


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