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John Jacobs
Nonprofit & Association Industry


John Jacobs is Hartman’s Nonprofit & Association Industry Lead. John understands the unique challenges faced by mission-driven organizations because he’s been there himself, leading organizations focused on increasing stakeholder value while serving the needs of members and constituents. He knows how important it is to fully understand the strategic direction and goals of an organization to make a positive impact.

We sat down with John to get his take on top priorities and opportunities for nonprofits and associations in 2022.

What is the biggest opportunity facing nonprofit organizations and associations?

The biggest opportunity for nonprofits and associations is related to digitization – that is, converting information into a digital and synthesized format that can be easily accessed and analyzed. Focusing on digitization can create deeper stakeholder and member engagement. It also provides insight that helps organizations generate content tailored to their constituents and members. Another major opportunity lies in diversifying revenue to reduce reliance on single services, such as in-person events and meetings.

How can technology drive business success in the nonprofit and association industry?

Nonprofits and associations tend to “make do” with the legacy systems they’ve inherited or been forced to customize over the years. Technology has rapidly advanced over the past ten years to the extent that it now defines “winners and losers” even among nonprofits and associations. Organizations that place technology at the core of their mission understand that technology creates the scale, efficiencies and leverage to continue meeting stakeholders’ needs well into the future.

What are the most important strategic priorities for nonprofit and association executives in 2022?

Given the state of our world, the most important strategic priorities for executives to focus on in 2022 are as follows:

  • Strategic planning in the post-pandemic world
  • Workforce development
  • Reconnecting with stakeholders and members
  • Cloud migration and automation
  • M&A landscape and opportunities
  • Revenue diversification

If you’re a nonprofit or association executive, reach out today to talk to John about these topics and what the future looks like for your organization. You can also learn more about Hartman’s IT leadership and consulting offerings for the nonprofit and association industry here:


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