ERP Consulting Services

ERP Selection and Implementation

Imagine an enterprise resource planning (ERP) selection and implementation process that’s both well-orchestrated and positions your organization for long-term success. That’s what you’ll get with Hartman Executive Advisors, your dedicated ERP implementation and selection consultants.

We are armed with decades of C-level technology leadership experience in your industry. We understand how to plan for the profound impact that your ERP will have on every aspect of your business. We’ll give you the 100% unbiased guidance you need to select the right ERP for your big-picture business goals and help you avoid the department-by-department roadblocks that derail most ERP implementation projects. Ultimately, we build the employee buy-in that is the key to lasting business transformation.

At Hartman Executive Advisors, we also offer personalized ERP solutions for manufacturing via manufacturing distribution software and manufacturing process consultancy. We also offer specialized ERP systems for the construction industry and educational institutions, alongside local government ERP software and government technology consulting services. Our team designs these sector-specific services to meet the needs of each industry for optimal integration and functionality.

Step-by-Step ERP Selection and Implementation Success

Detailed Planning

We start with a detailed intelligence gathering process. This process includes a requirements evaluation, workflow reviews, stakeholder interviews, a change readiness assessment and more—to build an ERP selection and implementation plan that’s precisely right for your business. Our ERP specialists and software consultants are key to our ERP Advisors Group. They ensure thorough industry-specific ERP consultancy.

Rigorous Vetting

During our ERP software selection process, we’ll help you strategically narrow your ERP system options. Options are vetted through our multi-phased process that includes a high-level Request for Information (RFI) phase for gathering and vetting initial ERP vendors. It also includes an in-depth Request for Proposal (RFP) phase for evaluating the top contenders against your business requirements. Our approach integrates perspectives from ERP consulting companies and ERP consulting firms.

Empowered Decision-Making

Our ERP selection and implementation consultants will manage the invitations for ERP vendor meetings and on-site demos and develop appropriate demonstration scenarios. They also create a structured scorecard and measurement system for you. This way, you can compare ERPs on a common footing. You can then schedule product demos with other stakeholders in your organization to ensure that all needs and concerns are addressed and sufficient buy-in is established.

Meaningful Implementation

Say goodbye to half-hearted or failed ERP implementations. Our executive advisors can help you handle this critical phase to ensure your ERP implementation is properly communicated, executed, and adopted across every department for long-term operational success.

Accelerated Outcomes
Proven strategies that allow you to skip the learning curve and move straight into high performance.
Embedded Leadership

A trusted partner who quarterbacks your IT team as part of your team and establishes alignment and partnership within your business.

Deep Bench Strength

Full coverage support that combines C-level IT leaders from your vertical with experts across every discipline of technology.

Team Coaching & Mentoring

Tools that upgrade your internal IT talent to become strategic leaders and change agents for your organization.

Align2Achieve Methodology
A guaranteed formula for identifying what good technology looks like for your organization and using it to protect and grow your organization’s assets.
100% Unbiased Guidance
Straight-shooter advice that’s always in your organization’s best interest and never aimed at selling products or swayed by office politics.
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