IT and Cyber Risks: How to Reduce Threats and Prepare Your Organization For the Unknown (eBook)


In the first six months of 2020, more than 27 billion records were exposed as a result of data breaches. This figure exceeds the total number of records exposed during all of 2019 by more than 12 billion records.*

Today, organizations in nearly every industry rely on information technology to conduct business.

While modern technology provides many advantages, it comes with certain threats that can put a company at risk.

Cyberattacks are expected and prevalent in our digital world. We are no longer shocked to hear about a massive data breach because they have become part of a new normal.

Whether a breach is due to a malicious outside attack or a simple employee error, leaders at organizations of all sizes need to understand the risks to their operations and reputation and do everything in their power to protect their most valuable assets — their private information.

This eBook will cover several areas that leaders need to consider around cybersecurity, including:

  • The fine line between IT and cybersecurity
  • Reasons to perform a cyber risk assessment, and five steps to assess your risk
  • The ins and outs of incident response
  • Creating a culture of cyber awareness

*Risk-Based Security 2020 Mid-Year Report


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