Outsourced CIO Services

CIO Consulting

With Hartman’s chief information officer (CIO) consulting services, you’ll have an executive partner who can help you harness the power of technology for the ultimate competitive edge. Our CIO consultants are more than industry-leading information technology strategists. They’re proven business leaders who know how to align technology solutions and business strategy to deliver transformational, organization-wide results. It’s an unstoppable combination that can help you solve your toughest business challenges today and keep you strategically ready for tomorrow’s opportunities.

CIO Consulting That Lets You Unleash the Possibilities

Clear and Actionable IT Strategy
Only Hartman’s CIO services give you visionary thinking combined with tactical action to help you leverage technology across your business units and throughout your customer/stakeholder experiences to help you achieve your bottom-line goals.
Enterprise-Level Leadership
Our chief information officers are accountable leaders you can rely on to take ownership of every aspect of your IT ecosystem, from strategic planning and budgeting to leading and developing your IT workforce. In addition to your dedicated CIO, you have access to our team of subject matter experts who bring expertise across many different disciplines of technology, from cybersecurity to data strategy.
Smarter Governance
From centralizing and standardizing your technology portfolio to helping you prioritize and manage your IT investments to create greater value, we’ll streamline the business of technology for you so you can enjoy faster, easier, and smarter decision-making. Hartman’s CIO consultants will spearhead the development of a project prioritization framework. This framework aims to align your team with strategic company goals, alleviating concerns about the value brought by ongoing projects.
Value Creation
We’ll help you optimize your data, infrastructure, and technology systems in a way that goes well beyond maximizing efficiency and productivity to actually create value and even new revenue opportunities.
Built-In Peace of Mind
With Hartman’s CIO consulting services, cybersecurity is managed as part of your organization’s overall risk portfolio. What’s more, our team will work with yours to build a culture of cybersecurity into the very fabric of your organization.
Flexible Collaboration
Whether you’re experiencing rapid growth and need leadership guidance and advisory services now, or you’re between IT leaders and need interim CIO services, Hartman Executive Advisors can develop the custom CIO consulting engagement that’s right for your organization.
Accelerated Outcomes
Proven strategies that allow you to skip the learning curve and move straight into high performance.
Embedded Leadership

A trusted partner who quarterbacks your IT team as part of your team and establishes alignment and partnership within your business.

Deep Bench Strength

Full coverage support that combines C-level IT leaders from your vertical with experts across every discipline of technology.

Team Coaching & Mentoring

Tools that upgrade your internal IT talent to become strategic leaders and change agents for your organization.

Align2Achieve Methodology
A guaranteed formula for identifying what good technology looks like for your organization and using it to protect and grow your organization’s assets.
100% Unbiased Guidance
Straight-shooter advice that’s always in your organization’s best interest and never aimed at selling products or swayed by office politics.
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