Strategic IT approach increased gross revenue by 78%

Pool construction company, Lothorian, was bogged down with manual processes to manage service and routing schedules, keep track of inventory and document customer equipment and history. A previous customer service software purchase intended to remedy this inefficiency was not being utilized by staff and spurred confusion and frustration rather than results.


Hartman led Lothorian in a series of business process improvement initiatives designed to standardize critical business processes and pave the way for the right IT solutions to match how Lothorian conducts business with clients. Hartman led the software selection process alongside management and challenged vendors to demonstrate how their product handled specific processes and requirements to find exactly the right fit.


Once the new software was integrated, gross service revenues increased more than 78 percent. The new processes delivered on efficiency and allowed Lothorian to add seven billable service employees, all trained on how to easily access customer service records. Automated routing, scheduling and inventory quickly led to significant productivity increases by the service management team, who now spend more time with customers and less time with paperwork.


Hartman’s executive IT advisory team helped put the technology framework in place for both happier customers and more efficient operations.

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