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Manufacturing, Retail & Distribution Technology Strategy

Juggling the need to meet demand while increasing profit margins and reducing cost of service are the leading concerns for leaders in manufacturing, retail and distribution. Technology can and should take the lead in solving those issues, but one-off, siloed approaches are timely, costly and ineffective.

Hartman’s team of approachable, outsourced CIOs and strategic IT experts work alongside you to apply their industry-specific expertise in your business – to solve those pressing problems and help your organization to:

  • Modernize and streamline the sales process, creating stronger engagement with clients and prospects through Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Eliminate workarounds to enable more effective, efficient use of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems
  • Assess and manage upgrades and mission-critical updates of outdated systems and software to bolster lead generation, ensure optimal integration and reduce losses
  • Leverage mobile technology to track inventory and increase operational efficiency


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Dave Hartman

Dave Hartman

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Manufacturing, Retail and Distribution Case Study

Bond Distributing Company

Bond Distributing Company

How this tech-phobic workforce became automation champions
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Cyber Strategy & Team Development

Great results require a great team and a plan to mitigate risk. Hartman’s IT team of development experts works with executives in manufacturing, retail and distribution to effectively hire, train, manage and mentor IT staff on an ongoing basis.

The retail industry is notorious for credit card breaches, yet many companies lack proper data security measures to protect sensitive information. Manufacturing and distribution executives often brush off cybersecurity, not thinking a breach could affect an entire supply chain and stall production. Hartman’s outsourced data and cybersecurity experts work alongside you to protect your business and customers so operations can continue without interruption.

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Expect more from your IT

Today’s leaders rely on technology more than ever, and Hartman clients can count on technology to drive real business outcomes. Hartman outsourced CIOs provide executives with deep bench strength to resolve the underlying IT challenges that get in the way of growing your organization. We conduct an IT assessment to first understand the current state of technology in your organization, and then work alongside you to leverage technology as a key strategic resource.

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