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Nonprofit and Association Technology Strategy

Executives at nonprofits and associations have tight budgets and high demand for accountability. Too often, IT is not considered as a potential strategic solution due to budget fears – despite the fact that technology can be leveraged strategically to:

  • Capture and exponentially grow funding in the short and long-term
  • Track and report the results your organization has worked so hard to achieve

Hartman’s team of executive IT leaders work alongside nonprofit and association executives to help you:

  • Plan for, lead and integrate systems to eliminate manual data entry and increase efficiency
  • Implement IT-centric strategies that enable effective collaboration across departmental lines and break down organizational silos
  • Audit your outreach approach and build highly relevant, repeatable constituent engagement programming that creates loyalty and grows your funding levels
  • Develop a strategic approach for data collection, reporting and merchandising that enables you to tell a more powerful story



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Tim Kobosko

Tim Kobosko

Nonprofit & Association Practice Lead

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Nonprofit and Association Case Study

Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Can your IT investment pay for itself? It did in this case.
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Cyber Strategy & Team Development

Great results require a great team and a plan to mitigate risk. Hartman’s top-notch IT talent management experts work alongside nonprofit and association executives to hire, train and mentor IT staff, ensuring the right hires and ongoing cultivation of your most important assets – your people.

Donors and members need to trust an organization in order to provide personal and financial data. Just one data breach can severely damage that trust and negatively impact memberships and future donations. Hartman’s outsourced IT data and cybersecurity advisory team works alongside you to ensure your organization has a defensible cyber posture and that you are prepared to confidently and effectively engage with all key stakeholders to mitigate risk, worry and the unknown.

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Expect more from your IT

Today’s leaders rely on technology more than ever, and Hartman clients can count on technology to drive real business outcomes. Hartman outsourced CIOs provide executives with deep bench strength to resolve the underlying IT challenges that get in the way of growing your organization. We conduct an IT assessment to first understand the current state of technology in your organization, and then work alongside you to leverage technology as a key strategic resource.

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