Podcast recommendations for long summer road trips

We are big fans of podcasts here at Hartman, mainly because they help us learn about new topics while being entertained at the same time. Our advisors recommended a few of their favorite podcasts earlier this year, and we’ve added a few new suggestions to the list (below). Whether you’re planning a long summer road trip or are just looking for something new to listen to on your way home from work or at the gym, check out our favorites and let us know what you think.

On Apple devices, it’s as easy as going to the pre-installed Podcasts app to download and listen right away. There are several apps available for Android users, as well, and you can also stream podcast’s directly from their websites on your computer.

Here’s a new list of podcasts the Hartman team finds helpful for learning about business, technology and human behavior.


George BreedenIf you’re a fan of the book, or at all interested in behavioral economics, check out Freakonomics Radio. It always has interesting, thought-provoking topics focused around why we as humans make some of the decisions that we do. The sources are industry experts and the production quality is excellent.
George Breeden, Nonprofit & Association Practice Lead

Adam KuhnOn the Cape Up podcast, Washington Post opinion writer Jonathan Capehart talks to leading figures in arts, science and politics, going in depth to make the topics and the people who know them come alive.
Adam Kuhn, Senior IT Advisor

Paul SolovyovskyFor anyone in the IT industry, I highly recommend the Packet Pushers podcast. The show is put together by IT practitioners and offers a deep dive into networking, data center design, virtualization and general technology trends.
Paul Solovyovsky, Senior IT Advisor

scott-brooke99 Percent Invisible uncovers hidden aspects and unintended consequences of design, with “design” being a very broad term. An episode about the great Salton Sea, formed when the California Development Corporation accidentally flooded part of the Sonora Desert, explains why it’s drying up and whether or not we should be concerned.
Scott Brooke, Executive IT Advisor

adam-arker, hartman executive advisorsESPN’s 30 For 30 podcast series chronicles stories that have changed the sports landscape since the network’s founding in 1979. Listening to an episode is one of my favorite ways to de-stress after a long day.
Adam Arker, Executive IT Advisor

At Hartman, our advisors use the pockets of time in their days to gain new knowledge they can use to help organizations expand their thinking or reframe challenges and obstacles.

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