Professional & Financial Services

Transcending client expectations – relevance, compliance and your IT strategy

Professional & Financial Services Technology Strategy

Rule number one in professional and financial services: focus on helping your client achieve their goals, and everyone wins. The primary touch point for clients today has shifted online. Aligning IT strategy with your growth goals is essential – and Hartman’s executive IT team works alongside you to evolve and anticipate those needs, including:

  • Increase value of relationship management software to create greater engagement and more relevant, targeted outreach that grows your business
  • Strategize short- and long-term planning and implementation for online products and services that enhance user experience
  • Analyze and evolve vendor management strategies to yield greater results
  • Assess current state and implement best practices for transaction-based integration (M&A)

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Cyber Strategy & Team Development

Great results require a great team and a plan to mitigate risk. Hartman’s team of IT development experts works with professional and financial services leadership on strategic approaches to hire, train, manage and mentor IT staff for long-term business success.

Trust is the key factor in financial client relationships, and a data breach can destroy that trust in one fell swoop. Hartman’s team of cybersecurity and compliance experts make sure you have the systems and best practices in place to protect both your clients’ private information and your good reputation.

Why Choose Hartman

Expect More From Your IT

In a national survey, we found that, while 97% of executives depend on technology for organizational success, just 17% have a strategic IT leader within their organization. At Hartman, we know the value that strategic planning around technology can bring to organizations, but we also know that aligning business and IT strategy is not yet a common practice in the middle market.

Business and technology are intertwined as never before, and today’s executives are required to make decisions about technology that impact their top and bottom lines. Strategic IT has the capacity to inform business planning, drive innovation, increase productivity and fuel fiscal growth.

Hartman’s advisors are technology experts who speak the language of business. Our co-sourced CIO, CTO and CISO model provides the opportunity for executives to work alongside senior IT and cybersecurity advisors who know their industry and their goals.

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