Amanda Helms

Executive Coordinator, Financial Services

As the Executive Coordinator for Hartman’s Financial Services team, Amanda oversees a wide range of duties encompassing scheduling, planning, onboarding, and various organizational functions to uphold smooth operations. She plays a crucial role in supporting Hartman‘s financial services executives in project management, leveraging her exceptional communication skills and proactive approach to ensure efforts are synchronized, cohesive, and result in maximum value for clients.

Amanda brings over a decade of expertise spanning customer service, human resources, office management, and administration in the banking industry. Before joining the Hartman team in 2022, she honed her skills at Howard Bank, initially serving as a bank teller before progressing to the bank deposit operations team following the acquisition by First National Bank.

Outside of work, Amanda enjoys a wide range of hobbies, including painting and knife throwing. She is also a freelance, regional makeup artist for Estée Lauder.

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