Cheri Kase | Executive IT Advisor | Hartman Advisors

Cheri Kase

Executive IT Advisor

Cheri is a visionary IT leader with an innate ability to lead teams in delivering measurable results and achieving significant cost savings while ensuring compliance with regulations and industry standards. She brings 30 years of experience to the Hartman team where she helps clients understand that technology is a value-add to their company portfolio, and that the right systems and tools will drive them forward and provide an optimal work experience for employees.

Prior to Hartman, Cheri was the Chief Information Officer for Corus International, a global non-governmental humanitarian organization. In her role, she executed comprehensive IT strategies and capabilities throughout the organization, incorporating data analytics and BI, software development and maintenance, infrastructure, security, and technical services. She has also supported organizations including Legg Mason, AT&T, Lutheran World Relief and IMA World Health. She has lead diverse IT teams of up to 200 people spread throughout the US and overseas and managed yearly operating budgets in the millions.

When she’s not working, you might find Cheri motorcycling or RV camping. She also enjoys crafting, especially cross-stitching and hand knitting.



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