Chris Settler

Chris Stettler

Executive IT Advisor

Chris brings more than 35 years of experience in leveraging IT to increase business value and realize tangible outcomes for organizations. A self-proclaimed servant leader, he does his best work collaborating with other executives to transform businesses and lead people throughout that process in a way that works for all involved. As a Chief Information Officer, his goal is to help his clients leverage technology in a strategic way to accelerate growth and improve overall business value.

At Hartman, Chris works with clients to deliver strategic IT advisory services with a focus on creating new revenue streams, improving customer service, reducing costs and increasing shareholder value. He previously served as the CIO at a medical device manufacturer and a consumer products company that operated in the B2B and B2C space. In both roles, he contributed to growth of over 250 percent in each company and to the successful sale of one to a large international private equity fund. He is experienced in leading and growing teams, aligning IT efforts with corporate strategy, selecting and implementing software, and improving efficiency.

When he’s not working, Chris prioritizes spending time with his family and getting outside. He makes it a point to stay active and enjoys both hiking and biking on local trails.


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