Dave Theilman

Senior IT Advisor

Dave’s interest in technology began as a hobby, became a passion and ultimately turned into his profession. Having spent his entire career in IT, he understands clearly the role technology plays in business success. He’s seen implementations that have gone well and driven business forward and others that have fallen far short of expectations. For him, those unsuccessful implementations have illuminated the critical need to evaluate all areas of a business against managements’ concerns and goals, before moving forward.

Dave is highly methodical. His first step is to listen closely. Then, he systematically explores the information he’s gathered to determine next steps, whether the goal is improved productivity, elimination of a bottleneck or a process enhancement.

Dave shows his clients how the right technology can benefit their business, their employees and their customers, by turning complex tasks into straightforward processes. Working with one of his clients, he evaluated an entire network infrastructure; in a short time, they implemented several much-needed improvements, including virtualization, a disaster recovery program and a stronger backup solution.

Dave’s seven kids keep him busy outside of work. He attends countless sporting events, and enjoys swimming and biking. He’s also involved with Into Abbas Arms, an orphanage in Africa.



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