Dave is an accomplished and versatile IT leader, experienced in collaborating with executives to address their most pressing business challenges. At Hartman, he works closely with his clients to understand their needs and existing technology ecosystem. Then, he finds ways to improve their operations through strategic IT services, transformation, and technology. His goal is to help organizations meet their needs effectively, manage costs wisely, and protect against cyber risks.

Dave has worked in various IT roles across many different types of organizations. Starting his career in IT support and advancing to leading the entire IT division gave him a deep understanding of the multitude of challenges faced by organizations. Dave previously managed information technology at Versatile Biosciences, a biotechnology startup. In this role, he was responsible for implementation of security tools and processes, as well as for the management and configuration of the operating and cloud system. He also held IT director roles with the American College of Cardiology and head of IT at IMPAQ International, a policy research, evaluation, and technical assistance firm.

Dave prioritizes spending time with his family. Together, they enjoy hiking, gardening, farming, and working on cars. He also helps with fellowship activities at his church.

Education & Certifications

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