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Dean Hartman

Office Mascot

Dean Hartman

If you’ve been to the Hartman office, there’s a good chance that Dean has greeted you at the front door. Gregarious and fun-loving, Dean is always excited about the prospect of a new friend who might want to toss around his latest toy. Work dogs by nature, Portuguese Water Dogs prefer to wander in packs, even packs of humans, so Dean enjoys his days at the office surrounded by colleagues and visitors.

When Dean isn’t playing or making new friends, he’s listening attentively in our company meetings (or so it seems) and barking his agreement or recommendations. He’s not shy about letting us know when he’s tired of a certain topic — he’s been known to yawn loudly or fall asleep in the middle of meetings.

At home, Dean hangs out with his parents — Dave and Marie Hartman — and lives for visits home from his best friends and siblings, Ryan and Lauren.

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