Doug Newhard

Managing Director, Enterprise Architecture Services

Doug Newhard

Doug puts his clients at ease from the moment they meet, immediately demonstrating both his comfort level with overall business strategy and his expertise in guiding technical IT staff. It doesn’t take long for those who work with Doug to see him as a strategic business partner and key member of their team.

This likability and trust comes from the fact that Doug is really good at leveraging technology to help organizations meet their business goals. Well versed in technology and with a pulse on his clients’ specific industries, Doug can demonstrate, with examples, how the right IT solutions can make a real, measurable difference in the areas of productivity, data security and communications.

Doug’s favorite subject in school was math, and as our resident mathematical modeling expert, his knowledge of data and analytics helps him find solutions that deliver much-needed benefits to his clients. A great example of this comes from when he led a team that created and developed a strategic planning application for a contact center. Used today by more than 30 Fortune 500 companies, the application delivers efficiencies that help companies save a significant percentage of their staffing costs. This work was so groundbreaking that Doug and several others hold a patent for it.

His innovation and problem-solving skills aren’t just for the office. Doug is really into cars, and a member of the Sports Car Club of America, the National Auto Sports Association and the Porsche Club of America. When he’s not working to improve a client’s performance, he’s under the hood of his latest ride, looking for ways to make it perform at its best.

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