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Heidi Haneberg

Industry Lead, Nonprofit

Heidi is Hartman’s Nonprofit Industry Lead. She believes that technology can help organizations advance their missions through process improvement and by creating efficiencies that can be leveraged on mission critical initiatives. In her role, she strategically engages with Hartman clients to identify and advise on business innovation opportunities. She leads a team that works with mission-oriented organizations that help humanity, industries, regions and professions solidify their IT operations to allow them to effectively serve their stakeholders and meet their objectives.

Heidi brings more than 30 years of experience helping nonprofits meet their missions through strategy, execution and cultural alignment. She has worked in association management companies, stand-alone nonprofits, corporations, and technology companies serving nonprofits, and has held roles in almost every operational aspect of nonprofit organizations. With her background, Heidi can relate to the challenges faced by nonprofits, and it is her passion to help organizations fulfill their missions, serve their stakeholders, and meet their objectives. Most recently, Heidi was the CEO at Sidecar, a community for mission-driven professionals. Prior to that, she has guided many nonprofit organizations, from small to large and national to global in scope. Highlights include the National Association for Educational Procurement (NAEP), the Audio Visual and Integrated Experiences Association (AVIXA) and the AVIXA Foundation, and the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT).

Heidi doesn’t slow down outside of the office. She is a 20+ time marathon runner (including all six major marathons and six Boston Marathons) and a three-time Ironman finisher. She also enjoys hiking, skiing, traveling, spending time on her dock boat, and drinking champagne.



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