Jay St Michel

Managing Director, Infrastructure Services

With a combination of technical expertise, attention to detail and empathy, Jay helps organizations understand where they stand when it comes to their technology and provides leadership on how to maximize the value from their existing and future investments. He has spent the past two decades addressing major IT issues for organizations, starting out in the early ages of the internet and moving into the era where companies transitioned from large, dedicated infrastructure footprints to shared application services and the cloud.

Jay is experienced in building and growing effective IT teams in complex IT environments. As the Director of Technical Services, Operations and Engineering at Merkle, where he spent 10 years, he built a global support organization to support the enterprise across the world. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jay developed and maintained technology to support a growing remote workforce with minimal impact to productivity. Prior to Merkle, Jay was responsible for the architecture and design for enterprise technology solutions at Digex, one of the first internet service providers in the United States that was eventually acquired by and integrated into Verizon. In his role, he built datacenters in the UK and France while hiring teams to sell and support services within those facilities to a growing European client base.

Outside of work, Jay is a skilled woodworker and belongs to several local woodturning organizations. He has even had pieces featured in art galleries throughout the region.



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