Jeff Gredlein | Managing Director, Commercial Practice Lead | Hartman Advisors

Jeff Gredlein

Managing Director, Commercial Practice Lead

Jeff makes the seemingly impossible, possible. He gets right to the root of business problems, spotting roadblocks with a highly-trained eye and using technology to transform companies from average to outstanding. “I believe,” he says, “that technology exists to make organizations better and stronger.”

Jeff has the ideal combination of leadership expertise, business acumen and technical know-how. His vast experience with financial services, healthcare and marketing companies helps him see deep into an organization’s infrastructure to uncover what’s holding it back. Armed with that detail, he assembles the team that develops and implements solutions to transform underperforming teams and departments and resolve the critical IT issues that keep them, and the company, from operating at their peak.

Jeff and his team show their clients how to adapt to rapidly-changing environments and new regulations while continuing to meet customers’ evolving needs. A significant piece of this work includes establishing best practices, performance and delivery models, and metrics, all necessary to ensure service delivery excellence.

When he’s not in the office, you might find Jeff on the golf course, soccer field or checking out the local music scene. However, what he enjoys most is spending time with his wife and three daughters.

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