Juan Ortiz

Juan Ortiz

Managing Director, Data/AI Services

Juan is a data analytics and generative AI strategy expert with decades of experience dedicated to empowering decision-makers with fast, relevant information and rich customer insights. At Hartman, Juan helps his clients harness the full potential of their data through analytics-driven products and services to optimize operational efficiency, spark innovation, and increase revenue. Juan prides himself on staying up to date in the ever-changing world of data analytics and emerging technologies, enabling him to deliver solutions that drive business performance.

Juan’s professional career highlights a unique blend of analytical thinking, business strategy, and technical expertise. In his early years as a business intelligence (BI) consultant, Juan led the design and development of data management, data warehousing, and BI systems for Fortune 500 customers in retail, consumer packaged goods, and financial services. He was also the Data Analytics Director for an international educational services company, where he was responsible for the successful design, development, and implementation of products powered by machine learning and cloud technology that helped boost student enrollment, retention, and academic success. Juan was also the Founder and Managing Director of a Microsoft BI solution partner, and more recently he was at the forefront of innovation by introducing new AI-driven applications for a publisher of quality financial and investment research.

Beyond his interests in data science, Juan enjoys spending time with his family and dog outdoors, watching movies, Formula 1 races, and reading about political economy.



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