Neya believes in building strong, collaborative relationships based on trust and communication. At Hartman, she is an associate in the Leadership Development Program that offers a year-long rotational work experience in the company’s key areas. She works closely with senior IT and cybersecurity leaders to understand client’s business needs and challenges and then help provide tailored solutions so they can achieve their goals. Whether it’s implementing new systems, optimizing processes, or brainstorming solutions to complex problems, Neya makes sure technology is there to support and enhance business operations.

As a technology consultant with Ernst & Young, Neya focused primarily on work within technology transformation and modernization. She built and managed project plans and updates based on reviews with process owners and other key stakeholders. She also worked on projects related to identity and access management. Notably, Neya took part in EY’s digital innovation challenge where she worked with a team to propose a dynamic solution to a problem statement around lenders and credit preparedness. Neya started her career as an intern at Hartman where she helped optimize the new employee experience, providing valuable input based on research and analysis of current trends.

Neya prioritizes time with her family and friends. Her favorite things to do with them include exploring new local places or coming together for game nights and movie nights. She also enjoys traveling to new places to experience different cultures around the world. Neya volunteers with The Distant Relatives Project which provides the homeless population in Washington, DC with healthy meals, fresh produce, medical screenings, and grooming services.



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