Pete Zafros

Pete Zafros

Executive IT Advisor

Pete brings a wealth of expertise in IT strategy and operations, having played pivotal roles in leveraging technology investments to propel organizational growth across several industries. With over 20 years of diverse experience as a consultant, enterprise leader, and implementation manager, he excels in fostering trust with business leaders, inspiring technical teams, and delivering innovative solutions. At Hartman, Pete works alongside construction and real estate executives to align technology initiatives with overarching business objectives to enhance efficiency and drive sustainable success. 

Before joining Hartman, Pete was instrumental in shaping IT strategies for consulting clients. He most recently focused on integrating near and offshore technology services to drive growth and reduce costs, while preserving company culture. Pete also worked on various data modernization projects to improve analysis and initiate the use of machine learning and AI. Previously, Pete co-founded a construction firm, where he held the roles of COO and CIO. During his tenure, he implemented an ERP system, resulting in a 300% increase in productivity and grew company revenue into the top 1% by updating strategy and enhancing sales and marketing systems. Pete also spearheaded the digital transformation for a prominent DC-based real estate and construction firm, achieving a positive ROI within one year on all investments through evaluation and implementation best practices.

Outside of work, Pete coaches wrestling and is an active volunteer in his community. He and his wife enjoy walking their dog together and spending time with friends. In his spare time, Pete also enjoys reading fiction, finding it particularly helpful for fostering creativity in his work. 



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