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Rick Arthur

Managing Director, Enterprise Services and Hartman CISO

Rick is someone who really loves his job, every piece of it, from building lasting relationships to changing outdated and inefficient processes through innovative technology. In his role as trusted advisor, coach and mentor, he demonstrates how unique IT processes and capabilities can come together to deliver consistent, scalable business services and take an organization “far beyond what they thought was possible.”

Rick brings a unique combination of business vision, management skills and technology expertise to every project. He’s also intensely curious and highly disciplined. Together, these qualities drive him to ask multi-layered questions that go beyond a simple description of a business problem. With this information, he sees all parts of a situation, the good and the bad, and can pull together high-performing teams that, not only eliminate the bottlenecks, but help transform organizations to deliver long-term success. And he does it all with a smile and his signature brand of humor.

Under Rick’s watch, companies undergo revolutionary changes that they previously thought impossible. One example of this comes from his work with the Department of Work and Pensions, the largest government department in the UK. In this role, he integrated several IT service providers into a unified delivery organization to support more than 150,000 users — the first of its kind, at this scale, in the world.

When he has time to relax, you’ll likely find Rick at home, diving into home improvements, planning his next family vacation, or putting his detailed and patient nature to good use with woodworking projects that range from salt and pepper shakers to furniture. He also gives back to his community through volunteer work with the Dr. Martin Luther King Food Bank and St. Jude Hospital.

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