Tylers believes that technology is the key to unlocking an organization’s potential. At Hartman, he is an associate in the Leadership Development Program that offers a year-long rotational work experience in the firm’s key areas. He works alongside senior IT and cybersecurity leaders to support clients across several industries, with a focus on process improvement, security, automation and project management.

Tyler’s background includes a wide variety of organizations and accomplishments that help him serve clients and help them reach their goals. At the University of Maryland, Baltimore, he worked on a university wide system transfer to cloud-based systems. At Planet Home Lending, where Tyler worked as a senior funding associate during the Covid-era mortgage boom, he built out a team and automated daily operations to realize an increased volume of nearly 700% in six months. As a senior analytics specialist at Computershare, a stock transfer company, Tyler honed his technical process automation skills, leading to a 35% decrease in user-generated tickets 

Tyler enjoys spending as much time as possible outdoors. He and his wife are avid rock climbers and backpackers. He also enjoys expressing his creativity through cooking new and innovative recipes. Tyler is also a kitchen volunteer with Moveable Feast.  

Education & Certifications

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